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Not the best in graphics!?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? The Graphics were one of the movies strongest points... and a strong point it was too! I remember seeing some of your movies LONG ago and and they didn't have the sophisitication in terms of animation that this movie does! You've got skills!


You removed "Der Fueher's face" from the movie! That was a funny song... you should've found a way to weave it into the confession!

CodeRedClock responds:

i got a whole movie revolving aroudn that song coming in about a week, so be there for that ok? thanks for the review


That... is so damn HILARIOUS... too bad the FOAM-heads will probably try to zero it... but you guys have my 5-vote!

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Now THAT'S what I call a great game....

It's already good... I can't wait 'till you guys complete the adventure mode.

Excellent Audio Portal selection as well...

I just hope the same will be said of the game I'm working on...

SketchMichaels responds:

Nero: 'bah don't be so modest, everything you're working on is looking good, and I can't wait to see how they turn out.'

M'eh...being a christian...

I didn't find it too funny. Still...I guess the game's supposed to be a joke...

I was always wondering "what if they made a video game out of the Passion of the Christ" ever since I saw some cartoon at Cagle.com (see below)... Obviously such an idea would be ludicrous... but I knew it was either going to be something like THIS game or a game where Jesus brakes away from the cross and ravages Jerusalem with heat vision and other superhero powers (AKA Grand Theft Auto, 33AD meets Superman).

Be sure to check out this cartoon:
http://cagle.slate.msn.com/news/PassionChrist/ThePassion/be st/morin.gif

automatic responds:

Not funny? :(

You made me cry! SHAME ON YOU!


This has been a very nice series. It peers into religious and philosophical views. However graphically...it's been a bit... disappointing...though I'd be happy to help you guys in any future episodes if you need an artist or an extra voice actor...anyway...

Good Work,
-Chen Baiwan

PS: When the demoness implanted those disturbing images Joseph's head...I think you should've included tricky the clown like you did last episode and it's out-takes...or pube muppet or...umm... I'll be moving along now...err...good job...

Violet-AIM responds:

About the philosophical views... I just felt that it was necessary to give the viewers something, so they can understand what kind of world these ghosts live in. It's not meant to be religious in any way, just a bunch of mixed together spiritual concepts. Thanks for offering to help us. If you have some more helpful suggestions, feel free to email me at violetaim@hotmail.com.

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This audio goes GREAT in Tienzsiyusi!!!

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